Excellent Visibility Our floats are brighter than the rest. The shock resistant LED never needs replacing. Our floats are powered by two 1.5 volt button cell batteries. Batteries are included with each Night Bobby. Batteries are also available separately in replacement packs. We use the highest quality materials for our float bodies which are designed to spread light and improve visibility.  Flexible Line Attachment  The unique Line-Lock line attachment allows for use as a slip or fixed position float. Float can be removed without cutting line, removing bait, hook or sinker.   Available in Three Models  Model 158 float is the original round Night Bobby and is 1 3/4” in Diameter. Model 214 is a larger round float that is 2 1/4” in diameter. Both the 158 and 214 are available with Rattlin’ Action. Model 118 Nibble Light is a torpedo shaped bobber that is 4 1/2” in height. The Design of the 118 makes it responsive to even the slightest nibble.